Sea Fever Gulf 32

Sea Fever Gulf 32

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Vero Beach- 2.4.12

 Sea Fever, Compass Rose and HazelAnn arrived in Vero Beach yesterday afternoon and have picked up mooring balls, and Mindfulness was able to join us today after getting their sick kitty back from the vet in Melbourne.  They are rafted to Sea Fever now- the marina info says "expect to be rafted" and we decided we'd rather be with friends than strangers.

This is  nice facility with all the amenities- hot showers and laundry!
Check out the course we followed here on my spot adventure:

Also, I have officially declared that we are in sunny and warm FL- and have removed the boom tent and enclosure from Sea Fever- finally- a sailboat again, with freedom and fresh air.  However, I have been spoiled by the thought of not having to move all the cushions, etc. from the cockpit each night in case it rains- so I've put together a temporary clear vinyl enclosure that will attach to the bimini and dodger... just in case...

Found another tiki-ish bar on the water just south of the bridge from the mooring fiels and, of course, tried it out.  Dingied back to the boat with the crew from Compass Rose.
Also- lots of wildlife here:

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