Sea Fever Gulf 32

Sea Fever Gulf 32

Monday, February 20, 2012

Feb. 20- Dinner Key Mooring Field

We stayed on at Bakers haulover lake until yesterday morning.  It was a great anchorage and the "Charleston Fleet" enjoyed the relative quiet, though over the day Saturday and overnight the number of local boats increased tremendously with lots of good sized boats rafting for a night of partying.  Different groups were playing different music but, luckily, none played theirs too loud. 

Sea Fever hosted dinner Saturday night and I got a chance to try out the new Magma grill that I've had 8 months and used but once.  It started up fine, but the burgers sure did flame-up- the guys kept telling me to splash water on the fire... I did.. and the burgers and dogs turned out OK. At dinner we discussed plans for the next day and decided to weigh anchor about 9-9:30 and head to Dinner Key mooring field. 
We were under way by 9:15 and were able to catch the 9:45 Broad Causeway bridge opening.
The trip down was relatively uneventful, given we were crossing thru the busy port of Miami with all the power boaters who believe the water is 'theirs'!

Dinner Key Moorings... ah- 225 moorings in relatively (read that very) shallow water.  After getting my moring ballumber over the phone and heading out to the mooring field.. number 47 is right next to the red 10 daymarker.. you can't miss it, and yes there is plenty of depth for you all around...NOT... finally saw my ball and as I rounded 45 to slide up to 47 into the wind...THUD!! hard aground!.  Luckily the marina had a courtesy water shuttle and the young guys aboard were able to quickly push me free and towed me to my mooring... now 43, not 47.  All is well.

Dinner Key Sunset

Dinner Key moorings, at sunrise 2.20.12

Wind howled all last night so being on the mooring was a good thing!
We plan to stay here at least one more night and will have to start making plans for cruising the Keys.
Mindfulness rejoined us here at Dinner Key and Sea Fever will likely travel with her in the Keys.  We both draw 5+ feet while Compass Rose and Hazel Ann draw about 4- so they can easily take the ICW course north of the Keys, while we "deep draft" vessels will be 'safer' taking the more offshore route south and east of the islands.  Guess we'll figure that all out soon.

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