Sea Fever Gulf 32

Sea Fever Gulf 32

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Oh... I also bought a new ribbed dinghy!

Haven't her out yet, either.  My grandson wants to be the first her controls!

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Sea Fever with her new hard top

One of the reasons that I haven't taken the Gulf out is that Paul planned to put on a new hard top rather than replacing the canvas. He agreed to follow thru on that plan even after selling her to me.  I didn't want to miss any opportunities he had to work on that project.

Sure came out beautiful.  Now I just need to add the cockpit surround and the windshield!  I know, I excuse for not taking her out!

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The new Sea Fever at the dock- Cooper River Marina

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Time to update my S/V Sea Fever blog, as we move into the New Year!

For those who have followed this blog of my adventures on my S2 9.2C, S/V Sea Fever, over the past two years, there has been a significant change in my vessel.  I truly enjoyed all my time on my 30’ S2, but circumstances arose in late October which allowed me to ‘move up’ to the “new” S/V Sea Fever- a 1986 Gulf 32!  Good friends, Paul and Pam, had decided to move aboard their boat full-time, so have “gone to the dark (or at least twilight)-side”, buying a 42’ Present trawler, and needed to sell their Gulf.  While I had not planned to upgrade for another year or so, this opportunity would not come again…you see… I know how well Paul and Pam keep their vessels, and the types of updates and upgrades they make to them… they were previous owners of my S2!  I purchased the Gulf in early November (and sold the S2 shortly thereafter) and have been slowly getting accustomed to her and making her my own…though I have to admit that I have not yet left the dock- much to the disappointment of my many friends here at the Cooper River Marina.  This will soon change- I have promised myself.  However, I am not yet sure if I will be making the annual southern migration this year- only time will tell.

Anyway, as we leave 2013 and sail into 2014, I wanted to initiate blog of the Adventures of the ‘new’ S/V Sea Fever.  Following are some pictures to get things started.

I hope everyone has a wonderful 2014 and enjoys their time on the water as much as I know I will!

Sea Fever (Calypso) shortly before I bought her, sailing from Steamboat Creek to Charleston. (picture taken from original Sea Fever.)