Sea Fever Gulf 32

Sea Fever Gulf 32

Saturday, February 11, 2012

2.11- Lake Worth

Sea Fever and Compass Rose wound up staying in Manatee Pocket a second day, while HazelAnn moved on to Peck lake, an area off the ICW about 6 miles south of St. Lucie inlet.  After Hazel Ann moved, Tom helped me move Sea Fever to their old spot- in about 6' of water and no swinging into the channel!
Sea Fever in manatee Pocket 2.9.12

We left Manatee Pocket with off and on rain on Friday 2.10, headed to Lake Worth. This leg had a couple of milestones- first we cross statute mile 1000 on the ICW!, and... the day was the "day of 7 bridges'!  Yes, between St. Lucie Inlet and Lake Worth we had to go through 7 raising bridges.  Amazingly, Sea Fever and Compass Rose had very little wait time at any of them. 

PGA Bridge- had to wait a few minutes while they tried to get the gates to stop cars' crossing fixed.

Classic yacht tied up near the PGA bridge 2.10.12

We haven't decided yet, how long we will stay in Lake Worth, but it is a nice, large area and they are predicting heavy winds and rains the next few days, so this may be a good place to wait out the weather.  It is also known as the jumping-off point for many crossing to the Bahamas, where you can wait for a good 'weather window'.  We may come back here before we make the crossing next month, or may head over from a further-south point.

Lake Worth Sunset- 2.10.12

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