Sea Fever Gulf 32

Sea Fever Gulf 32

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Feb 13, 2012- Lake Boca Raton

Well, it is now Monday 2.13- and we are at a nice little anchorage called Lake Boca Raton.  Its a relatively small pocket just off the ICW with a few homes/condo buildings and some "big" local boats.  Sea Fever and Compass Rose arrived here about 2:30, Hazel Ann was here last night and moved on to a marina in Ft Lauderdale today.

Now- for the last few days...
 We left manatee pocket on the 10th for Lake Worth and had a nice stay there- got some shopping done, and waited out part of a storm and high winds on friday-Saturday, but we opted to move a short distance- to Riviera beach, on Sunday the 12th.  This was a good idea since they had a very convenient luandry and a great tiki bar, just across the ICW from Peanut Island and the Lake Worth Inlet.  HOWEVER... the winds had not let up when we decided to pull the anchors and while I was taking a break from bringing up half of Sea fevers chain, she broke what?  Can't just slam into the boat beside me... power up- drag that 75' of chain and anchor until I'm clear... then... run forward and PULL that chain in... phew... got it all up and back into the cockpit without any impacts... then proceeded to down a full bottle of water while Compass Rose casually finished pulling in their anchor, rounded the anchorage and took the lead to Riviera Beach.
Lake worth anchorage:

But my day was not done.   Thought I was in a good spot - a bit shallow- but reasonable.  Sea Fever sat fine while we got our laundry done and and 'tried out' the tiki bar.  Back on board, dinner.,, a fine night- until the tide changed and I found myself literally transom to transom with a large trimaran which had anchors out in all directions-- she doesn't swing with the tide, and I do!  Now what.. as I drift closer and closer- my hero calls... "hey, Annie, you look ok from here, but if you'd like I can come over and help you set a second anchor to keep you away from that boat" , says Tom.  "Well, I'm not sure- looked ok a minute ago"...NOT... "Hey Tom, I think I'd like to take you uup on that offer"  Anyway, about 8:30 last night Tom dinghied over, and while fighting the wind, current and the ugly anchor lines of that old tub, got me free and a second anchor out to keep me that way.  YES... Tom!
The culprit, and what I did not want to happen to sea Fever:

This morning was a bit of a task to get both anchors in... but nothing like his task trying to get them set.

We covered about 28 nm today, including passages thru 12 low bridges!
Here are some of the sites from today: both classic and overboard...

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