Sea Fever Gulf 32

Sea Fever Gulf 32

Friday, February 24, 2012

2.24.12- Boca Chita Key

Well, we are finally in the Keys!  We arrived at Boca Chita Key early Thurs afternoon - the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay surround this very small Key.

We had stayed in Dinner Key mooring field from Sunday through Wed. nights and while we were there took advantage of the metro system to do some 'city' exploring.  Tues. we even made it over to South Beach- interesting sites there- on the beach and with the dozens of restaurants with tables covering the sidewalks- each one with 'specials' if you will only stop there for luch or happy hour.

We wound up going to a local bar and restaurant that Linda had read about, in downtown Miami- f
when we first entered it looked like a locals bar but the bartender assured us that they were a restaurant, took our orders for the $11.99 Maine lobster Tues night special, and directed us to the patio seating area.  Turned out to be a great place and the oldest restaurant/bar in Miami- opening in 1912!  Great Dinner too- real Maine lobster!

So, after filling out fuel and water tanks and reserve jugs, we left Dinner Key about 11 Thurs morning.  May have been poor timing, because as Sea Fever and Compass Rose ran through the north channel toward Biscayne Bay, there was a lot of commotion- a helicopter, hovering over a dozen or more 'cigarrette boats' weaving all over the place- turns out, just as we made the turn to head south- they started a race- lucky for us they were long gone by the time we passed their start point.

The trip from Dinner Key yo Boca Chita ws the beginning of the wide-open waters we have all been waiting more narrow ICW.. at least for the next couple of weeks.  The waters in the Bay are generally about 8-12 feet, though we have to watch for the shallows, and we will have some narrow and shallow cuts to go through.  The entrance to Boca Chita is about 6-8' deep- if you stay in the marked channel.
HazelAnn arrived before we did and assured us there was adequate water and a nice dock- but we were surprised at how nice the area is.  The National Park Service created a nice little harbor with a circular dock that will hold about 20 good-sized vessels.  There is a light house, camping and picnic areas and areas for fishing and shelling...and...


We haven't decided where to next.  But this morning starts another beautiful Florida Keys day!

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