Sea Fever Gulf 32

Sea Fever Gulf 32

Friday, May 4, 2012

Well, it is May 4th and Sea Fever and Compass Rose are in Hopetown
(  provides the route from Marsh Harbour to Hopetown), this will be our furthest point on this cruise, as we will start meandering back once we leave here. 

We spent a week in Marsh Harbour and got in the sites there including several visits to Snappas (to use the wifi, of course) and were able to reprovision at the Abacos' largest grocery store (Maxwell's).  Mindfulness had joined us but left to find (hopefully) a good snorkel spot while the winds were relatively light- off Fowl Cay.  

 Mindfulness, heading out of Marsh harbour in search of a good dive site
Our cruising friend, Reggie, heading back to Treasure Cay

 Hopetown Lighthouse at dusk- we plan to climb to the top today
 Cap'n Jack's- local pub- right off our bows here in Hopetown

 Lighthouse at dawn

We plan to stay in Hopetown until Saturday, then head up to Great Guana Cay to meet back up with Mindfulness.

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  1. Hopetown! Fowl Cay! Treasure Cay! Guana Cay! We are sooooo envious! And your pictures are great, they bring back so many memories! Safe home!! -Jack&Linda