Sea Fever Gulf 32

Sea Fever Gulf 32

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

2-9 May- Marsh Harbor to Green Turtle Cay

We are expecting winds over 20 and 50% chance of rain and thunder storms for the next few days, so we plan to stay here in White souond for at least a few days.  Compass Rose got an unpleasant wake up call this morning when a 40' catamaran dragged anchor, caught on their anchor chain, and bumped her starboard side.  With help from the dinghies, keeping the cat back off the hull, the anchor was freed and there was no apparent major damage to Compass Rose.  The cat moved for a short time the ducked 'outa Dodge'.

The track for the last week, from Marsh Harbor, to Hopetown, Fisher Bay off great Guana Cay, Treasure Cay, and back here to Green Turtle Cay can be found at my spot adventure sight:
spot adventure pings

For some reason, possibly high tide, about a dozen boats, mostly power, all decided to leave at the same time this morning- creating quite a traffic jam at the narrow channel entrance:

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