Sea Fever Gulf 32

Sea Fever Gulf 32

Friday, May 18, 2012

Vero Beach sunrise - 5/18/12

Well, we are officially back in the USA.
Got to Vero Beach mooring field Wed. afternoon and got real showers and hit the local tiki bar. Then yesterday we, well.... we went to Walmart... yes...we are home... we took the free city bus (a great service Vero Beach offers to all sections of town), did some shopping at a box store and then on to West Marine, where I got a new "big boy" life jacket for G3, my grandson... (he plans to join me on the trip back to Charleston as soon as he is out of school.)
We also joined a group of marina guests at the Thursday night BYOB happy hour and got to share cruising stories with other boaters.
Seems my  house batteries are really about gone now. Even after  30 hours of running across 'the stream' they could only keep the fridge going about 10 hours without my having to run the engine again.  I contemplated picking up 2 group 29 batteries while I was at Walmart and getting at least one battery bank updated, but decided that was something that should really be done at a dock. So at least for now, I'll try to hold off until I get back to Charleston. What this means is that I'll have to run the engine each evening and morning too, on days we don't travel. Hopefully, I won't lose too much fresh meat, etc. by the temps getting into the "danger zone".

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