Sea Fever Gulf 32

Sea Fever Gulf 32

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Marsh Harbor... 4/29/12

Well, wifi has been a bit 'iffy' here in Marsh Harbor, so it has been difficult to update the blog- but- strangely, today we are in the middle of a rain 'event' and the wifi has been working well... oh well...

Sea Fever and Compass Rose stayed in Treasure Cay until Wednesday morning and then made our way to Marsh Harbor.  Treasure Cay was a a resort and marina facility with a great beach (Coco Beach ran in a wide cresent with very fine- white sand and the most beautiful tourquoise water) and beach bar (Rum Runners) with all the requisite rum drinks to go along with the name.  They had a reasonable grocery store and laundry (both much needed by both boats), and had theme-nights for the resort guests.

We got to Marsh Harbor, mostly under sail- had nice winds that let us run most of the way here.  Found a nice happy hour at Snappas Bar, and met a few new cruisers here.  Also met up, again with Reggie, on Adrenalin I, from Montreal.  We first met him in Lake Sylvia, before we crossed, and again at Treasure cay where he is spending most of the season- he had come over to Marsh Harbor to hit the large super market (just like a Publix back home) to re-provision.  Now he, and the rest of us are hunkering down here waiting for the newest of the storms to run its course.  Boats have been coming in over the last couple of days, to ride out what is predicted to be another 25-30 knot couple of days... hopefully they will be less.

So far, we've had rain most of today, but winds have been in the mid-teens, or less.

Compass Rose at sunrise, 4/27/12- Marsh Harbor, Abaco, Bahamas

 We will likely head to Hopetown on Elbow Cay next, possibly Wed. if the weather is good.  Hopefully, we'll be able to meet up again with Mindfulness- they've been having their own adventure since we headed to Treasure Cay and they went to Manjack for some reef snorkeling.

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