Sea Fever Gulf 32

Sea Fever Gulf 32

Monday, March 5, 2012

Well we tried for Tarpon Basin today...but.

After checking the weather and realizing the winds were going to get even stronger over rhe next few days, Sea Fever and Compass Rose decided to make a run for Tarpon Basin today.  Sea Fever didn't get very far.... as my chartplotter shows I made a loop too close to the shallows and went hard aground. With encouragement from Compass Rose and Hazel Ann I was able to get my Genny out and heel over far enough to get off, move into deeper water to drop the anchor and...wait... the roller furler jammed..the genny is flying all over rhe place... drop the anchor...pull in the genny....decisions, decisions...ok let the anchor out til it holds then get the sail in...phew!!! done... with, of course, the help of "my hero", again.  as I'm letting out anchor and pulling in sail..comes an 'Annie, you alright?' Tom from Compass Rose had dinghied to the rescue again. We were able to get the furler fixed, at least temporarily and got the sail fully furled...
Thank you Tom and Sara.
I think we'll wait another day or so to head out again!

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