Sea Fever Gulf 32

Sea Fever Gulf 32

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Thursday 3-15; started out rough

and then got worse...
A bit after midnight a squall came through with rain and, it turns out a wind shift. The island no longer offered great wind and aea protection.  No worry, checked and all seemed well.  NOT... 02:30...clang! run up on deck -pouring rain heavy wind and my dinghy is about 5' off the bow of rhe boat that used to be beside me.. Qhat woke me up was my rudder slamming hard over after hitting  their anchor chain.  start engine move away... how do I get the anchor up without blowing back into thia guy?  oh oh...Mindfulness is way off from where they were.. quick call them... they were already moving to a new anchor spot and turns out had tried to call had gone to silent mode.  OK, took about half an hour but got reset and back to bed.
Surely after this we wouldn't be leaving for Bill Bagg state park at 7 a.m.  Or will we.... There was a beautiful sunrise... and away we went at 7:30..

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