Sea Fever Gulf 32

Sea Fever Gulf 32

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

One more Boot Key Sunset.

Well, Sea Fever and Mindfulness left Boot Key Harbor about 9 on Monday; stopped for fuel and headed out under reports of winds at 15-20 gusting to 25 knots. While we were still in the relative calm of the lee of Boot Key we hoisted our mains for a sail east to Long Key Bight.  Sea fever took a bit more time than Mindfulness but was finally able to get the main up and reefed and continue out...but wait... Mindfulness is pulling down the main..and now heading back in... Ok, I can do rhat too.  Turns out, once you got beyond the island you were facing steady 25's, gusting to 35 knots...we will wait for a bit less "breeze".  So one more day on the mooring.

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