Sea Fever Gulf 32

Sea Fever Gulf 32

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tuesday's sunset at Islamorada

Still stuck here with high winds but still can't beat the sunsets. Can't tell by them that conditions aren't that great.
This afternoon (Tuesday) I was working down below and heard a knock on my hull. Thought it was Tom checking in on me but it was a fella, Jeff, from a trawler I had been anchored near the first few days we were here. He had moved to the lee of one of the islands that surrounds the anchorage and was troubled watching me bouncing around in 3+ foot seas. So he got in his dinghy and came the 1.5 miles across rhe turmoil and told me it was calm over there, he knew I was alone, and if I wanted, he'd help me move.  Sounded great. I called Compass Rose and Hazel Ann and next thing, Jeff is helping me and the other 2 boats are right behind us. Sure made a difference... wind still blows but we aren't rockin n' rollin like we were. Cruisers look out for each other!

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