Sea Fever Gulf 32

Sea Fever Gulf 32

Thursday, April 12, 2012

April 11-12--- Green Turtle Cay

Wed. April 11.  Cleared into the Bahamas---we’re legal now!
We were all cleared through at green Turtle Cay’s Custom office, after a fashion.  Turns out they require the name of the vessel to be printed on the registration card- but SC only includes the make of the vessel and is not concerned with the name, which can be changed at any time by the owner.  Sea Fever and Mindfulness had to plea with the agent to accept our registrations, as provided by SC.  She conceded, and we were cleared.  After a walk around the quaint village, we found “Pineapples”, an open air restaurant/BAR with free WIFI- that is where we were when I updated this blog and the spot adventure track, yesterday… after a pineapple smash (read RUM drink!).  Anyway, we are here and that was yesterday…

Thursday April 12.  Another day in paradise…
Weather report this morning on cruisers net was for 10-15 from the NE, increasing to 15-20 tonight and 15-25 tomorrow… guess its time to hunker down and find some cover for a few days.  What better place than the “other shore club”, closely (very closely) affiliated with Pineapples, and a stones throw from the poolside bar.  Compass Rose and Sea Fever opted to work our ways in to Black Sound- I had to wait for mid tide since the entrance is only 4.5’ at low tide- and pick up mooring balls from the “club”.  This is truly a rustic, Bahama facility- minimal but with friendly staff—“don’t worry, you can pay whenever you decide to leave and we’re glad to have you with us as long as you’d like to stay”; all for $10/day.  The dock was safe but showed some wear, and I guess we’ll find out what is at the other end of the mooring line when the winds pick up. (the Waterway guide recommends this spot so we assume all will be well.)
Black Sound is adjacent to the town area so we can easily go ashore and hit the sites…Pineapples’ happy hour is where I’ll send off this blog update from.

Star fish under Sea Fever at 9'!!!

OK...until next time... 2 "pineapple smashes into this... time to sign off.

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