Sea Fever Gulf 32

Sea Fever Gulf 32

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday started out with masses of Sargassum floating past us as we prepared to lift anchors

That was probably a good thing...Realizing that such masses could block the raw water intake, I was periodically checking the water outflow. When...about 45 minutes out as we were heading under the second bridge that opened for us....NO WATER!!  Called Tom by cell and since there was an area to anchor Tom hailed the bridge tender and belayed our requested passage....Turn around... drop the hook.  Compass Rose tied along side figuring I'd shut off the engine and the weeds would float away with the current. I went below to check the strainer...clean..but wait...water pump belt is gone...well..broken and barely hanging on the main pulley...ok check. my parts box for a go. Called auto part shops and found one that had the part so Tom dinghied me and Sara to the base of the bridge  and we called a cab..30 min wait..$20 round trip cab fare...$10 belt...working pump (with To.'s help of course)...priceless.
Ok...finally made anchorage in Palm Beach and Tom talks with Paul...Annie has a spare belt in her parts actually there are 2!!
well...I still have spares...

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