Sea Fever Gulf 32

Sea Fever Gulf 32

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Well...the good news is...

Sea Fever and Compass Rose made it safely to anchor off Islamorada in time for happy hour at Lorelei's.  .but... it was not without incident.
As planned Compass Rose lead the way calling out depths whenever they got below 6', and we made it past the area of real concern with depths of o er 6'.  However, right after that the ICW markers merged with a set of private channel markers and before either boat realized it we were in  VERY skinny water. We both did quick 180s but, unfortunately Sea Fever did not get back on the track she went in on fast enough...hard aground!!! So..what to do... out goes the genny with enough breeze to heel her over..engage engine..throttle go...hmmm. now what...even with  rising tide I'd only get inches...Compass Rose to the rescue...tossed a bow line..but no use..then Sara sees a 25' powerboat with half a dozen 20 something guys aboard and waves them down..once they realized what was up they came right over grabbed my bow line and in a minute their twin 90 HP Yamahas had me in 5'2" ...plenty deep!  Thanks guys!!

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