Sea Fever Gulf 32

Sea Fever Gulf 32

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

G3 is a sailor now!

Ok well... G3 is officially a sailor...but...not sure if/how to tell his parents...
we are at anchor, I looked at the local radar...tornado warning..Beaufort!!! Get everything below G3 get your lifejacket on and stay below.. plexiglass doors back in...winds picking up heavy rain pushing us towards the boat behind us ...engine on, power up, try to keep off the other boat... waves about  2-3 ft. rolling, Sea Fever  so far on her side rhe keel showes to the boat beside me...I saw theirs too... totally buried the bow at least twice...."Gammy its dripping down here so I'm putting containers under it" Lay on the floor and cover your head so stuff doesn't hit you... I'm ok... I'll take care of down below gammy.. I'll check that the hatches are  closed tight.   3 boats dragged their moorings, 2 collided... one on the dock wound up, literally...on the dock... but Sea Fever is fine... and the anchor didn't drag!! And most important G3 did a great job!!

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